That’s a Wrap!

This past semester I have been a part of a Digital Communications class where I learned more about technology and its importance in the communications world than I had ever known before! Here are some highlights:

Digital Literacy


A couple of friends and I enjoying an evening at the Pump House!

In todays world Digital Literacy is everything. If you cannot personally brand yourself digitally then you won’t be able to make it in todays competitive job market. In this course I have learned all about self branding and how to work with a group but still let your individual flares show. In my group video we  focused on our favorite places to eat in Greenville. I chose to interview the owner of The Pump House, Danny Morgan. I choose The Pump House for two reasons, number one because I knew the man I would be interviewing would be interesting and articulate in his speech, and number two because I knew the audience would love to hear what he had to say, since The Pump House is such a popular place for Furman Students to go to. My group agreed with both of those reasons and made it easy for me to make my decision. By choosing this location for my multimedia presentation I think I showed a little bit of my personal brand as well, I want my brand to portray a fun and interesting presentation but I still want to be taken seriously. My individual video was about my favorite places in Greenville, as well. I think this video clearly showed how I wanted to be self branded by the fact that I am in the interviews and I am showing my personality and by the places I chose

Me, Myself, and I

In my individual work I think I improved immensely throughout the semester. I learned so many little things that go such a long way. Like hyperlinking! Who would have the thought that linking something 1900134_623825444339663_54691880_ncould be so important to the readers. Hyperlinking allows the readers to get the background of the information that you are trying to give them without having to write it all out yourself. It is also a way to give yourself credibility, by citing important sources your audience will trust what you are saying, I even added citations to my individual video to help my audience. In my Flickr Slide show I gave credit to the photographer as well, so I could not get in trouble with copy right laws. However, in my Flickr Slide show I think I could have used sharper images, but it was hard for me to find the right ones to tell the story I was trying to tell. So I think that is something I could definitely work on in the future.

The work that I am the most proud of is probably my videos. I learned so much in this class on how important video editing really is and how one little change can really make a huge difference. In my videos I tried to make them interesting and funny yet informative at the same time, I want my audience to enjoy watching them!

Future Molly…

In the future I hope to keep working on my digital communication skills,11009116_971305702880867_5418834592734880445_n I want to keep building on my knowledge and hopefully one day I will be able to use these skills in my place of employment. I want to be able to keep my skills on digital story telling and use them to my advantage to keep my audience interested in what I have to say, pretty much I just never want to be boring! I want my views and ideas to be portrayed all over the world and have people look up to me (long story short I want to be famous) and I think the skills I have learned in this class will get me there!

Make sure to keep up with me and my life on my new personal website!

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What is the world coming to?

In the reading The Digital Economy Jobs of the Future by the Economist the author presents an interesting argument that has me concerned. He states that in the future most jobs will be run entirely by the computer. This has me concerned for 2 reasons:


In todays world people are always hiding behind their computers. An Ng-hlt-120822-obesecomputer-339p.grid-6x2BC study shows that for every 10 percent rise in what a country spends on information and communications technology, there’s a 1 percent increase in obesity rates. Thats an alarming rate that I am sure is raising as the years go on. The study later goes on to say that not only does working on the computer stop you from exercising but it also changes your diet and how you live your daily life. In the article it talks about a boy who was sshutterstock_92663473o worried about his video game that he didn’t even want to do his work, that can only make me think about how much time he spends on the game and not outside working out or even just walking around.


The other thing that concerns me with this whole idea is the communi15433187_lcative properties of it. In society today many people don’t even know how to talk to each other because they are so used to hiding behind a screen. I know that as a student I am forced to be in a class room and talk to people and I am looking forward to doing in that in the work place as well. But if your job doesn’t require you to talk to anyone and just allows you to hid behind the computer then your people skills are going to plummet. Being a communications major I think that being a people person is extremely important and can help you so much in the world. Without these skills I do not think these people will strive in all aspects of life.


In conclusion, if you are reading this… GO OUTSIDE! Go on a walk with friends and exercise as you talk. These things are so much more important than you think! Get in front of this new social trend and don’t allow it to take over your life.

Documentaries from a Different Perspective

Byron Hurt

HomepagePhoto1-1This past week I had the opportunity to go to a speech given by Byron Hurt. Byron is a documentary film maker. He started making films his senior year in college and has progressed in the craft immensely since then. He has been in the film industry for over 20 years. Byron focuses his films on gender discrimination, race discrimination, and violence prevention. Hurt began his professional film career with I AM A MAN: Black Masculinity in America. When Hurt told us about his first film as a college student he said that now he cannot even watch it due to how much he has improved in the industry. He then went on to tell us about his later film: Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes that is much better, and has won many awards, it was even shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006. Byron is very proud of his work and all he has accomplished in the film industry.

Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes is a film that looks at the Hip Hop industry in a different way. He looks into the lyrics and how hurtful they can really be. He doesn’t understand why the words have to be so hurtful to women, gays, and different rahome_main_upces. He goes to the streets to ask artists why that is. They inform him that if they were to sing about other happy things they would never get signed by any record label because that isn’t what people want to hear. No one wants to hear about how you sold water last summer, they want to hear about how you sold drugs and how it was so dangerous you had to carry your gun around with you at all times, maybe you even killed a man while you were doing it. People love that stuff, they don’t care about what you have done right in your life but what you have done wrong. Byron told us that the artists said that, you are creating art that is designed to sell records not represent your self or your life.

To view more of Byron Hurts works please check out his website:!

Home sweet Greenville, SC

Greenville, South Carolina…

I am one of the lucky ones that gets to call the beautiful city of Greenville home! Greegreenville1nville is a medium size city with a population of 400,492. According to CNN, the growth that Greenville has seen over the last ten years has been huge, needless to say Greenville is an up and coming city! Forbes Magazine has rated Greenville the 13th best city for young adults, not only is it beautiful but it has many growing job opportunities. I am now going to tell you guys about my three favorite places in Greenville!

Sully’s Steamers

Sullys-Slider-0Sully’s Steamers is a local bagel shop. But these are not just your everyday bagels, these are life changing bagels! At Sully’s Steamers they don’t toast your bagel they steam them which adds a bit of a different flavor that is out of this world. At Sully’s they believe the world’s best sandwiches let off steam, but not just any steam they let of real steam rising up from the fresh bagel and a stack of the best ingredients inside it. Sully’s also has great operating hours on the weekend. They stay open until 3am on Friday and Saturday. So if you are looking for that late night snack after an adventure in Downtown Greenville Sully’s is the place for you!

Everyday Organic


Everyday Organic is a local organic restaurant that serves only organic food that is not only delicious but is healthy for you. At Everyday Organic they want you to eat food as it is meant to be, free of all chemicals, hormones, and preservatives. The menu is vast, you can go anywhere from a grilled cheese to a tofu wrap! The food is delicious and nutritious and there is no doubt in my mind that you will want to come back for more!

 Pretty Place


Pretty Place  was given by Fred W. Symmes for the enjoyment of the boys and girls who go to the YMCA camp located right next to this beautiful place up in the mountains. Pretty place is enjoyed by many local residents who go there for sunrise or sunset. The views are breathtaking and can really help you to realize how beautiful nature truly is. I would recommend this view to anyone!

Here is a video I created to give you a little more information about Greenville and why I like it so much!

Aloha from Hawaii


Traveling to Hawaii has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl, and I’m sure I am not the only one! My best friend Tierney Loeser was lucky enough to travel there this past winter with her boyfriend Johnson (who has family that lives there). I interviewed them both and asked them to tell me about the three best things they did on their vacation..

Billabong Pipe Masters



Tierney enjoying her first time at Pipe Masters!

Billabong Pipe Masters is the final stop of the Vans Triple Crown surf competition and the last event of the ASP Men’s World Tour, the North Shore in Hawaii is the perfect venue for the culmination of both series. The Banzai Pipeline is often referred to as the best wave on the planet, the surfers train for years to ride this wave and only the best of the best can ride. Tierney said “The famous surfers are every where just waiting for their chance to ride the ‘epic’ swell! This years winner was Julian Wilson.”

Pill Box Trail

Lanikai-Pillbox-Hike copy

The Pill Box Trail is one of the most picturesque and pleasant Oahu hiking trails.  The trail is at an intermediate level and the hike rises just above the beautiful Lanikai Beach Oahu. The view is said to be extremely rewarding with some of the best views of Oahu’s windward side. Johnson said “this was one of my favorite memories from the trip, the views were breathtaking and pictures can’t even begin to capture what we really saw.” The Lanikai Pillbox Hike is a moderate 1 hour to 90 minute round trip, depending how far you decide to go, it can be an excellent way to start your day with a little exercise.

Banzai Sushi Bar


Another great attraction is the Banzai Sushi Bar , it was voted one of Oahu’s best by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser four consecutive years in a row, prides itself in offering its local community and visitors alike with some of the finest sushi these islands have to offer, according to the Banzai website. They work together with the local fishermen and farmers to strive for the freshest food according to the season. The Trip Advisor has nothing but nice things to say about this restaurant and almost all reviews would recommend coming and trying it out. Tierney and Johnson both raved about the restaurant and said it was “by far the best food we ate on the North Shore!”

Here are some more pictures from their trip:

Do Your Duties!

e4d8163c7a068b65a64c89bd745ec360-us-imposes-anti-dumping-duties-on-chinese-taiwanese-solar-importsIn this reading assignment Mixed Media from Thomas H. Bivins, we learned how to be mowilliam-david-rossrally correct in your writing. You need to establish credibility. Establishing credibility is not that difficult to do, this can be done by citing other well established sources such as The New York Times or Fox News. You want your readers to trust you and believe in what you are saying, if they don’t trust you that they won’t continue to read your blog. The Mixed Media writing goes into 6 sections that have been drawn out by William David Ross:

Duties and Fidelity:

This is where if you promise your audience something you must deliver. If in an earlier writing you say that you are going to list your 10 favorite movies then you need to do it at sometime, if you don’t then you are giving out empty promises and you will lose trust.

Duties and Gratitude:

When you quote an article in your writing it is your duty to cite the article. Citing this will one show that you are being honest and establishing credibility and it will two show gratitude to the source.

Duties of Justice:

Justice is another duty that has to do with citing your sources. You need to justify your writing with citations.

Duties of Benefice:

This can be used when you are speaking about someone of importance. You need to build them up and show your readers how they are important and why you are using them in your topic.

Duties of Self-Improvement:

Self-Improvement is very important, you want your followers to think you are special. You can show self-improvement by building your self up. You can do this by speaking of something that is relevant to you and how it has effected your life.

Duties of non-injury:

Duties of non-injury state that if you are in a situation where you need to avoid injuring the person or topic that you are speaking of you need to do so. This way you can neither tear them down or build them up by keeping them neutral.

Story Time!

storytelling-18642In this reading from Video Production Primer, we learned about how story telling is very important in not only writings but also in many other mediums. The reading starts by saying how every story has a 3 parts:


The beginning of a story is very critical, and I know that seems pretty obvious but some stories don’t make their beginning clear or important. In this point of your movie or story you need your voice to show and to introduce the plot. This plot should introduce your characters, what they are trying to do, and the setting.


The middle of the story is where most of the action should take place. The characters should be getting closer and closer to their final goal through many trials and tribulations to keep the audience on their seats. You want to have your audience interested in the story you are telling and don’t want their attention to go else where.


The end of the story is the most crucial. It is the last thing your audience sees and you want it to   keep a lasting impression. This is where your conflict reaches its resolution and your main characters finish what ever task they were given. The end of your story can be open for examination as well, like maybe you will have a sequel? Or is your story completely over? There are so many possibilities!

 Story Telling is also used in interviews

Story telling is used in all different mediums. Story telling is obviously seen in movies in books but it is also used in interviews. When writing an interview you need to map out your questions in a form of a story. This can be used either topically or chronologically. However in interviewing you do not want your storytelling to be too heavy, you want your medium to do part of the telling. And by medium I mean that if it is a video recording you want your surroundings to tell part of the story, which is different in just voice interviews because your audience doesn’t have the visual pleasure so you need to do some more explaining.

Pura Vida

Rincon, Puerto Rico…..

The first time I travelled to Rincon I was a freshman in high school and since then I have been back 5 more times.. Needless to say it was love at first sight!  Rincon means ‘Corner’ or ‘Niche’ in Spanish and is a great description for the location of Rincon in the northwest corner of Puerto Rico. Rincon is around 2 and a half hours away from Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan. It is a small town that has an estimated population of 15 thousand, and almost every person that I have encountered in Rincon has been extremely friendly and welcoming to tourists.

The people can really make or break a tourist town… if the locals are not kind to the tourists then the vacation can be ruined. I want to go through and name some of my favorite tourists attractions and restaurants in Rincon…

This is a collage of my picture perfect day in PR 🙂


Shipwreck Bar and Grill is a “locals favorite!” and I couldn’t agree more! They were voted best restaurant in Puerto Rico in 2011 and are continuing to improveshapeimage_6 everyday. My favorite dish is the Mediterranean Shrimp Scampi it consists of Shrimp, fresh tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese, sautéed in a garlic white wine and butter sauce and served over linguine. If that doesn’t sound fantastic to you then I don’t know what will! The food is amazing but the atmosphere is even better, the staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, it is an outdoor restaurant so it is great after a long day in the sun to come and enjoy a meal with a nice Puerto Rican breeze!

BD Cafe

BD Cafe is a local coffee shop in Rincon. They not only serve coffee and smoothies but the also have fresh açaí bowls! An açaí bowl ibd-cafes a thick-blended smoothie of frozen açaí berries that is poured into a bowl and topped with all sorts of fresh fruit and crunchy granola then eaten with a spoon. These bowls are packed with fiber and antioxidants. The BD cafe always has fresh Puerto Rican fruit and never lets you down. The staff is very cool and down to earth (as you would expect at a coffee shop) and the atmosphere is relaxing and chill, it’s an excellent place to go to start your day!

El Charco de la Leche Waterfall

The El Charco de la Leche waterfalls are located about 45 minutes outside of Rincon. These waterfalls are a little tricky to find but are gozalandia-waterfalldefinitely worth the travel. They are a set of 3 waterfalls that are mostly visited by the locals but the locals are very welcoming! When I was there they even told me where to jump and how far I needed to go. This adventure can be a nice escape from the sun for a few hours to help your skin relax! 

Collage Photo Credits: Photos 1 &4 :Molly Marshall and Photo :2 Photo :3

Take a Chance with Travel

Hi everyone!! I am so excited to start my first post on my very first blog! I want to start off by just telling you all a little bit about my blog topic and the goals I hope to achieve with this blog…

Travel is my one true love… and it is something I have been doing since I was just a little girl. My family and I have been all over and have loved every second of it! Traveling can be so fun but it also has its draw backs. Some places (as tourists) are just better than others! I want to tell you all about my travel experiences in hope that you will take a risk with your travel life.

10675550_914242428587195_8993256042872090031_nMy favorite place to go,as of now, is Rincon, Puerto Rico. Rincon is a beautiful small surf town that I have visited 5 times now (more posts on Rincon will be coming soon!) I have also been to some other pretty cool places such as: Costa Rica, St. Thomas, Mexico, Key West, Italy, Greece and many more. Being only 20 years old I still have a lot to see and explore, but if I bring in the minds of my friends to this blog it will flourish… I intend to interview friends on places that they have been before such as Hawaii  to bring in a splash of new perspective!

I also want to go into the topic of studying abroad and what places I think are the best to go to. I have never studied abroad but I have had many friends that have and have loved it! I want to interview them and ask them all about their experiences. 

And I will also be talking about the City of Greenville, South Carolina (where I live now) I am going to show you the coolest and most interesting places around the city that I have explored and maybe even go into the topic of food and the restaurants that I have found to be aaaamazing!

Take me away… Will have multimedia such as:

  • Photos (some personal and some from the internet)
  • Video 
  • Voice Overs

I hope you all enjoy my blog and will be able to find it useful in your life!